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Do you believe in angels? Have you had angel encounters? It seems that more and more people do.

You may have read some of the many stories of people being helped guided or protected by angels. Many of them are truly amazing and for those who have these experiences most reassuring.

Some people experience angel encounters at times of bereavement or great stress and ask is if there is something wrong with their mind. The answer is no. Frequently these experiences increase the wellbeing, compassion and commitment to care for others of those who have them. The benefits are often long term. The memory for many is treasured as a sacred moment even for some as a Divine gift.

Many views - one reality?

A wide range of words are used to describe what appear to be very similar experiences - spirits, guides, ancestors, angels, guardians, energies, a light being. Some accounts describe people and in many cases the people are recognised as friends or relatives who have died. The common threads, linking the often amazing descriptions, are the essentially human qualities of love, acceptance, compassion and empathy and great spiritual wisdom.

For most people seeing an angel only happens once. Occasionally it happens again but in the case of Emanuel Swedenborg, there were regular, sometimes daily angel encounters for a period of over 20 years which he carefully recorded. For those who knew him well he became known as ‘the man who talks to angels’. In ‘Heaven and Hell’ he describes in considerable detail the nature of life after death and the many activities of the angels.

Near Death Experiences (NDE)

An angel or ‘Being of light’, sometimes associated with a religious figure of personal significance is sometimes described by those who believe they have seen into the other life during a heart attack or similar life threatening episode. Any fear of death disappears in nearly all cases. Raymond Moody who first documented this phenomenon in 1975 refers to the close parallel with Swedenborg which most recent research has further confirmed.

Messengers of Hope

If what all these angel encounters suggest is true we are far closer to and more intimately involved with the angels that has ever been previously recognised. They appear to be the messengers who minister to both our inspiration and our compassion. Today we are more fully informed about them and intimately involved with them than ever before.

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