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angels in a gardenAre angels male and female? If so, do they have relationships like we do?

Sex pervades the whole of creation. Not only are human beings divided by sex but so also are animals and plants. And yet some traditional views of angels suggest that they are a separate part of creation which is not susceptible to the male/female division present almost everywhere else.

So do you think of angels as wise and beautiful but sexless beings quite unlike us or do you have an intuition that we are all angels in the making?


In the Angels are Us! section of this web site you will find reasons to believe that angels are simply human beings in the spiritual world who have highly developed angelic natures. But if this is true what happens to our sexual identity? Do we still remain male and female after death?

From what he saw and from his conversations with angels, Emanuel Swedenborg began to appreciate and understand a view of angels that was very different from past traditions. Not only do we live on after death as male and female but the best of our earthly man/woman relationships are there for us for eternity to enjoy, and to enable men and women to help and support each other in the work their God has chosen for them.

Yes, angels are men and women in the fullest sense who live together as married couples, each individual being united with the partner God has prepared for them. Often this is with the one with whom he or she spent their time on earth. Angels look handsome or beautiful, having grown ever more youthful in appearance from the time they arrive in the after-life; the men strong but tender, the women beautiful and kind, and each radiating love to all.

And yes, they do have sex, this being their most intimate expression of love for each other. But Swedenborg perceived that no children could be born in heaven because all created souls have to go through a life on earth.

It is a wonderful thought that gender pervades not only the visible natural creation but also the greater spiritual world, and that physical death is but a transition of life from one dimension to another.

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