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rainbow_tunnelWe sometimes refer to small children as ‘little angels’ or when asking a favour say ‘be an angel and…’ Could such common phrases perhaps hide a deeper truth than is usually realised?

After Death Communications (ADCs)

It is certainly the case that increasing numbers of people have unsought and spontaneous after death communication from loved ones. These are now being referred to as ADC experiences. One writer on ADCs found the chapter heading “Granny as your guardian” struck a strong chord for many. Whilst some speak of the people they recognise as angels or angelic.

Emanuel Swedenborg, who had conversations with angels over a period of more than 20 years, spoke of them as people who were once like us. He maintained that “the purpose of creation was a heaven of angels from the human race”. (see Heaven and Hell.)

Angel Guides and Guardian Angels

Many ‘dead’ relatives or friends who are recognised, seem to fulfil the role of spiritual guardians that many would traditionally see angels fulfilling. They often appear much younger and have developed remarkable abilities. Increasingly they are being perceived as angelic yet also friends and life journey companions. The idea that angels are a separate creation does not seem to fit, if some of our loved ones are fulfilling the roles of angel guides and guardian angels, does it?

Heavenly Gifts

Could it be that we receive many more angelic messages than we realise because we do not recognise how subtly many come to us. Have you ever wondered where your insights, inspiration, or good ideas come from? Swedenborg records experiencing that we receive many aspects of our spiritual life from the Divine via those like us who have become angels in heaven. It certainly seems our consciousness can also become conscious of the spiritual world.

Angel Apprentices?

Could it be that we are here not just to learn how to become ‘angelic’ but how to become angels? Is our potential for spiritual growth far more wonderful and fulfilling than we might have dared to hope and the parable picture of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly closer to the truth about the transition we call death than we could have imagined?

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