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God's wonderful offer

Many people have experienced the warm security of parental love.  How wonderful if those who have missed out, and felt sorely deprived, could share it after all!  And those who still miss their happy childhood could regain its beauty!  Well, that's part of what God is offering us - someone who really loves us, will do what's best for us, and never give up on us, however many mistakes we make or times we behave badly, someone who always understands us because we share something deep and lasting. 

Divine Love and Wisdom is the source of everyone's life, and in that sense mother-and-father of us all.  (It is really above gender categories but contains the beauty of both maleness and femaleness.)   God our Parent loves all the souls he has created, knows what each one needs and is capable of, will care for, guide and protect us all - not from every physical danger, but from the far worse, longer-term dangers of self-centred living.  He will do these things just  so far as we allow him.   But that's the big question: 

Do we really want to be God's children?

Wise parents realise that their children will in the end choose their own lifestyle, and God wisely allows us freedom to accept or reject his way.  So Jesus tells us the story of The Lost Son (or Prodigal Son - Luke 15:11-24).  When we just please ourselves, we renounce our heavenly father, but if ever we change our minds and humbly return to him, he freely forgives and treats us still as his children.  God's love is indeed unconditional, without limit - including even the elder, self-righteous brother in the story. 

A powerful symbol?

For some people belief in a loving Divine Parent is delightful, but for others it doesn't work.  That's OK.  See God, if you prefer, as wise ruler, gentle healer, brave liberator, brilliant creative artist, or less personally as Rock or Light.  Each symbol has its truth and beauty with, power to inspire our growth in spirit. 

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