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Aren't we all different! Even in groups which share a keen common interest like music or sport, people are very different from each other. Most of us learn to understand each other and respect such differences, for example the way some of us are chatterboxes, whilst others are listeners with a lot less to say. Some people like being in crowds, whilst others are happier in small groups. Some of us are happy living in towns or cities, whilst others prefer village life. Examples must be endless. In this life we have to try to learn to get on with people who may be very different from ourselves.

Emanuel Swedenborg describes heaven as a place which can accommodate vastly different kinds of people, but it's a life where there can be NO SECRETS. In this life we are able to hide our true feelings about someone, eg a club member who we think talks too long and too loudly and who wastes time at meetings; and that same person may think some members are quiet and useless. Each of them however may be thoughtful enough to keep those feelings to themselves. In heaven such a state of affairs is impossible; two such different people would KNOW what the other thought about them, and although there would be no hard feelings they'd find they couldn't work together at all happily. They would live their lives and work with communities of angels like-minded with themselves.

Angelic communities incorporate people with similar God-given skills to use in helping each other. Examples include quietly influencing people struggling in their earthly lives; welcoming and helping new arrivals who may be confused and may have muddled ideas about what has happened to them; acting as angelic foster parents to little ones who have 'died' in childhood. Angels fulfill many other vital fields of useful and caring employment, many of which can't be described in earthly terms at all. Angels simply LOVE being useful, and its the KIND of usefulness that a group of people share that draws them into a particular angelic community.