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Emanuel Swedenborg
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Emanuel Swedenborg spent the last 24 years of his life writing and publishing the great works which contain the "Writings". They were written in Latin, like most learned books in those days.  Here are the titles:

Arcana Caelestia  (Heavenly Secrets) 

Published in London in 8 volumes, one volume per year, from 1749 to 1756.


Earths in the Universe     Heaven and Hell     The Last Judgement   

The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine     The White Horse

The above five books all published in London in 1758.


The Four Leading Doctrines  (The Lord, The Sacred Scriptures, Life, Faith) 

The Last Judgement, Continued

Divine Love and Wisdom

The above three books published in Amsterdam in 1763.


Divine Providence

Published in Amsterdam in 1764.


The Apocalypse Revealed

Published in Amsterdam in 1766.


Conjugial Love

Published in Amsterdam in 1768.


A Brief Exposition of the Doctrines

Published in Amsterdam in 1769.


Soul and Body Interaction

Published in London in 1769.


True Christian Religion

Published in London in 1770.


Swedenborg also wrote a number of important theological works which he did not publish. These have been printed since his death, and so are called "posthumous".

The largest of these is The Apocalypse Explained now published in 6 volumes. 

One of the smaller works is De Verbo (The Sacred Scripture) which, although written before 1761 was not published until 1854.

Another is the short work on Charity or the Doctrine of Charity.


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