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Emanuel Swedenborg
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After nearly ten years of writing and publishing which started with his great work Arcana Caelestia, Emanuel Swedenborg wrote a concise account of the new theology contained in his writings under the latin title 'De Nova Hierosolyma et ejus Doctrina Caelesti'. This short book, commonly called 'The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine' in many English translations includes a preface by the author 'On the New Heaven and the New Earth, and the meaning of the New Jerusalem' which is followed by a 'Prologue to the Teaching' and then 23 sections covering such topics as:

Good and Truth   Faith   Regeneration  The Holy Supper  Repentance  Love   The Sacred Scripture  The Lord

Swedenborg concludes his preface with these words:

"These facts can make it clear what is meant by the holy city, New Jerusalem, being seen to come down from God out of heaven. But I shall now proceed to the actual teaching intended for the new church. Since this has been revealed to me from heaven, it is called heaven's teaching; for it is the aim of this book to convey this".

Here is an extract from the section on 'The Lord'.

"The Lord came into the world to save the human race, which would otherwise have perished in everlasting death. He achieved this salvation by subduing the hells, which were attacking every person coming into and leaving the world. He did this at the same time by glorifying His humanity, for He could thus keep the hells subdued for ever. The subjugation of the hells, and at the same time the glorification of His humanity, were achieved by the temptations which were permitted to assail the humanity He inherited from His mother, and by constantly winning victories over them. His passion on the cross was the last temptation and His complete victory".